Mexican president condemns Texas’ decision to deploy National Guard along border

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Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto says Texas’ decision to deploy National Guard troops along the border is “unpleasant” and “reprehensible.”

Is that right, Pres. Nieto?!? Well, we think YOUR decision to be complicit in the flood of illegal aliens from your country, and your efforts to help illegals from South America as well as drug cartels and human traffickers to smuggle drugs and others into America, violating our national sovereignty, is equally “reprehensible.” We are also outraged at your unfair incarceration of one of our U.S. Marines, who has PTSD, for several months. He should be returned, along with all of his possessions immediately! And, finally, we believe your country’s over 100 military incursions on to U.S. soil (oftentimes to protect Mexican drug cartels) and firing on our border patrol agents and other law enforcement officials to be an act of war. So, how about you pucker up and kiss…

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Immigration Adds Value to America

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Illustration from immigrationatesting.us

America is, indeed, a nation of immigrants. Americans make up different races, values, ideas, beliefs and cultures. Yet we are averse to the idea of strengthening our identity by further diversifying the melting pot. Native born Americans often fear the unknown or “the other,” blinding them to the positive effects that immigration has on society economically and culturally.

A number of studies cited by The Center for American Progress has concluded that, despite fears to the contrary, immigration reform would yield economic mobility for less skilled workers. Studies have shown that immigrant workers and other Native American workers actually do not compete for the same job. Immigrant workers fill more labor intensive jobs that Native-born Americans often reject. Having immigrant workers fill in-demand jobs enables immigrant workers to consume more goods and services in various industries, which, in turn, boosts demand, leading to job growth and…

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Please remember that Arabs are dealing with Terror Too

On this somber anniversary, we remember thousands who perished simply because they chose to be free. I know that many blame religion and culture for this tragedy. I want them to remember, however, that many Arabs like me are dealing with terror every day. In Lebanon, for example. Hizbollah terrorizes Lebanese citizens every day. I want you to remember that the next time you hear some bad news coming from that part of the world.